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Frequently Asked Questions

Payment What forms of payment do you accept?

Goodrich Violin Shop accepts personal checks from local and statewide banks, credit unions and investment firms. Cash is always an acceptable form of payment. At this time I am unable to accept credit cards.

Payment for repairs, restorations and any consultation or other service is expected upon completion of the work. Payment for purchases of instruments and bows is expected at the point of sale.

Discounts Do you offer any discounts?

In appreciation of their patronage, I offer my established clientele - both those who have purchased instruments from me and those who have had me perform significant repairs or restorations on their instruments - a discount on the cost of further repairs or adjustments and on strings and accessories. As well, if you have purchased a violin, viola or cello from Goodrich Violin Shop, I will obtain for you a case, at wholesale price plus taxes and shipping/handling charges, from those suppliers that I have an account with at the time and, of course, subject to availability.

Teacher Commissions I'm a teacher. Do I get a commission for referring students to you?

Goodrich Violin Shop does not pay teachers commissions, sometimes called referral fees, finder's fees or "kickbacks", nor does it attempt to entice teachers by offering free services or merchandise. I feel that my customers should not have to worry that the advice they receive from a teacher, when buying a new instrument or bow, has been influenced by the prospect of a monetary reward from my shop.

Some shops and private sellers will offer a "discount" to the family if their instructor comes to the shop to help them select an instrument or bow. This discount is often "built in" to the list price by the shop owner, sometimes by not performing the necessary task of ACCLIMATIZING those instruments not made in a dry climate like we have here in Colorado. The shop owner tells the family or player that they can keep the "discount" or pass it on to the teacher for his or her help in the selection process. Most teachers would prefer that the buyer keep the discount: they see the "bribery" implicit in this offer. But for those few who do accept the "thank you", they may now be more likely to recommend this shop over others, thus possibly preventing other students from looking at as many instruments as possible over a period of several weeks or several months. This greatly reduces the student's chance to learn what sound and playability characteristics are truly available in their price range and, of those variations, what they really like and what sound truly motivates them to play and practice.

For more information about teacher commissions, see the following:
Strings Magazine [May/June 2002, No. 102]

Privacy Do you share information about your clients with anyone?

Goodrich Violin Shop will not sell, share, transmit or in any way divulge any personal information presented to me by any of my clients to any other person, business entity or organization unless I receive this person's expressed permission to do so. I feel honored to serve my clients and work to continually justify your confidence.