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Trial Program

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In order that you have the opportunity to become more acquainted with each instrument and bow you are thinking about purchasing, more than can be realized while in my shop, I recommend that you take each item home for a Trial Period of up to ten days. There are no fees associated with this but you must be ready to assume full financial responsibility for these instruments or bows.

During this Trial Period you should have the opportunity to hear them played by a friend, colleague or instructor and, if possible, in a large hall as well as in your own home. If you are a student with an instructor, I recommend that you arrange beforehand for a lesson period with your instructor to allow him or her to play each instrument and bow. Their ability to ascertain to what degree a particular instrument may or may not be appropriate for you now and in the near future as your skills develop is very important. You should be prepared to compensate your instructor for their valuable time and experience. Their skills and insight took many years to develop and this is a lesson related service for which they deserve to be paid!